Pewsey Retail Voucher Scheme

If you are a business in Pewsey, ask yourself the following questions

Would you like more business?
Could you cope with extra sales?
Do you need to increase your turnover and, more importantly, your profit?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then we would like to get you, and your business, involved in a new project in the village of Pewsey.

Building your Business

Put simply, if we could find a way to not only retain those customers who are currently using Pewsey businesses but also to bring more new customers to your door, we think you would be interested

Currently, Blush and System-Smart (soon to be rebranded as Wild Cardz), are running a trial of a new voucher scheme which will enable customers of businesses in Pewsey to get vouchers which can be used at other participating retailers within the village, and we would be interested in other progressive thinking businesses joining  the scheme to provide a much wider choice to our customers when it comes to collecting and redeeming their vouchers.

Image this scenario.

A customer wants a certain product or service which is available within the village, but would normally go outside the village to get it because that is what they would normally do. They have a habit and we are looking to provide one way in which we can break that habit by providing them with a financial incentive to do so. The customer visits a shop in the village and spends enough to entitle them to a voucher off next purchase at any participating retailer within the village. The product or service they wanted is available in the village AND the retailer is also part of the voucher scheme. The customer now has a dilemma, do they go with their habit OR save money in two ways by not having to travel outside of the village AND get money off the product or service.

Should the customer choose to use the village retailer and redeem their voucher with them, we, the retailers in the village win in at least two ways;
1. we have successfully changed a customer's buying habit
2. we now have the opportunity to create a loyal customer who may come back time and again, depending on the service they get from the retailer

We would like you to become a part of this simple scheme and would encourage you to register today to find out more.

Retailers decide how they play their part

Participating retailers in the scheme can:
- set a level of spend which will trigger the issue of a voucher
- set the level at which vouchers can be redeemed.

Retailers decide what is right for their business and can set reasonable levels which will generate sales and allow them to redeem vouchers whilst retaining a reasonable profit margin.

A customer, having spent a predetermined amount in your shop (or business if not retail), is given a voucher (in multiples of 5 or 10% off). These vouchers can be redeemed at any participating retailer, including your business, when a customer spends enough to qualify.

Each retailer can choose to redeem whichever voucher best suits their business (either 5-off or 10%-off a transaction above a certain threshold). In some cases it may be prudent to accept e.g.. 10%-off up to a certain spend or 5-off above that level. Whichever way, you, the business owner decides what is right for your business.

You can, if you wish, use the vouchers as gift vouchers for use within your own shop. Each voucher can be designated as a gift voucher, at the time of issue, for use in a specific shop, or shops. When the voucher is registered on the web site it can also be flagged as a gift voucher for subsequent control and reporting.

Don't forget, you set the levels at which the issue of a voucher is triggered and at which they can be redeemed. You will never be out of pocket, you are always in control, provided the basic rules, and common sense, are applied.

Built-in Security.

All vouchers are security numbered and printed on pre-patterned paper making them very secure. Also, all vouchers will be registered on our web site when they are issued or redeemed. Lost or stolen vouchers are also recorded on the web site. Regular reports on vouchers in circulation will be sent to all participating retailers.

Reports on who issues and redeems vouchers are also circulated to retailers to allow all parties to monitor the shopping movements within the village.

There is no cost to join the scheme. Each book of 12 vouchers are available at cost price to participating retailers.

Make your move today.

To find out more, and to register your interest, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch with you soon.

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